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Us means Thomas and Manuela Schimm, born 1963 & 1961

as well as our two dogs Nicky & Bobby


Since our condo in Menden just seemed to be too small for us some day and - apart from this - we always wanted to have a big garden for our pets, we bought a house outside of Wickede/Ruhr (close to the nearby forest) in 2001 and finally moved in in 2002. Since 1995 we have been trying to breed healthy Norwegian Forestcats of good type and - most of all - friendly temper. We are completely dedicated to this race and still totally impressed of the great character of those furry monsters and could never ever imagine living without them! 

We are sharing our house (and bed) with Nicky, our female dog, Bobby our new baby (male) dog, 3 male and 6 female Norwegians of which one boy and two girls are neutered. All of them are living together more or less happy at times, and for peace' sake we just let Wendy run free. Since our house (including a wintergarden) has been  built on 1.600 sqms. of ground, we think that all our fourlegged children really have enough room to go their own ways and feel comfortable.

Kittie bed??? Phhhhh... Nicky seems quite amused...


Why Bobby? Since Nicky has been missing her best friend Bonny extremely we finally decided to get her a new pal. Nicky accepted Bobby instantly and - thanks God - after 4 months finally starting eating dry food again which she rejected completely after Bonny's death.

We ourselves, Nicky and the cats will never ever forget our much beloved white German Shepherd Bonny. She was very special to all of us.

Following some current photos of Bobby :-)) More to follow while he grows up...

Hi there! :-))

Make sure to order a pool for me next year because by then I won't fit into this kiddie thing here anymore...







Since March 15, 2009 there is also Florian, our first grandchild, visiting us frequently...

Mhmmm, chocolate cookies ;-)) I want some more!!!



In August 2009 we have built a cat-run with a big wooden garden house, some photos below:

We are raising only two or three litters per year and from time to time we get into deep trouble (again) wanting to keep a kitten which is not really planned... :-) 

Should you be interested in a Lahrdal kitten, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

(Updated June 2010)

Contact Details:



Manuela & Thomas Schimm

Marienhöhe 7

58739 Wickede/Ruhr

Tel.: 02377 - 809 702


Please send inquiries in Englisch and/or French to our Webmaster: 

ulrike@av-plysj.de, THANK-YOU!



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