09.01.2012    In the early morning hours Lykke gave birth to her lovely Utah-Kittens :-)) Further information next week-end...




22.12.2011 Lykke & Utah are expecting kittens in week 2, 2012 :-))
04.12.2011 Current photos of Rio, Elyon, Quina, Lili, Tamina & Shirley
06.11.2011 New photos of Lili & Elyon and new plans :-)
01.11.2011 Lovely new pics of Shirley & Tamina and our W2-Kittens
09.10.2011 Kitten update and a lovely new photo of Quina
03.10.2011 New photos of the still available kittens...
25.09.2011 Current kitten pics again
18.09.2011 New pics of our V2- & W2-Kittens
11.09.2011 Last week's (and today's) pics of our V2- & W2-Kittens
29.08.2011 ...and again new pics of our V2- & W2-Kittens
21.08.2011 New photos of our V2- and W2-Litter
14.08.2011 New pics of our V2- & W2-Kittens
07.08.2011 Current kitten pics & new photos of Quinn, Zalina, Tasha, Ping-Ping and Trini on the corresponding pages
31.07.2011 New photos of our V2- and W2-Litter
24.07.2011 New photos of our 2 current litters, 1 of Rio and some really lovely pics of Uma from our U2-Litter... :-)) THANKS very much!!!
17.07.2011 Current photos of our V2- and W2-Litter
13.07.2011 Elyon's & Utah's kittens were born on July 11!
10.07.2011 New kitten pics!
03.07.2011 New photos of our V2-Kittens and one of Karlsson on his page... ;-))
26.06.2011 Tiffy's kittens are 11 days now and we shot some nice photos :-)
23.06.2011 Current photos of "Charly Hinzmann" (14!) on our litter pages :-)) and a great big THANKS to his owners!!
17.06.2011 Tiffys last kittens have been born on June 15... Absolutely LOVELY!!! :-) Since we don't want to irritate the happy mother more than necessary we are not sure about the sex of all kittens yet... ;-)) First "group" pics are already on the V2-Litter page!
13.06.2011 A lovely new photo of beautiful Tamina on our frontpage. She's still looking for a new home...
12.06.2011 Some last nice pics of our U's who will be moving out soon...
11.06.2011 Some photos of Tasha in her new home and THANKS a lot to her new folks!
05.06.2011 Some of our Kittens have moved out meanwhile... Some others will move shortly... And we are of course looking forward to the babies of Tiffy & Elyon in June & July :-))
21.05.2011 Nice new pics of our two princesses Tamina & Topsy who are still waiting for their own "prince" (or frog?) ;-)) Also new photos of our U-Kittens who are prepared now to move to their new homes...
08.05.2011 New pics of our kittens
01.05.2011 Current photos of our T2- and U2-Kittens
26.04.2011 ...and another update... this time of our kiddies of course :-))
23.04.2011 We received new pics of Smoky (Yves), Ponti and Jamie (Henry-James) :-) THANKS very much!!
16.04.2011 ...and once more new photos of our current T- and U-Litter as well as new pics of Elyon, Lili & Shirley
10.04.2011 Current pics of our T- and U-Kittens
03.04.2011 New pics of our current T- and U-Kittens as well as new photos of Ping (Baby-Lina), Vicky, Valentina (V-Litter), Marylou (M-Litter) & Bobby (Fun) ;-))
27.03.2011 as below... :-)
20.03.2011 Current photos of our T- and U-Kittens
13.03.2011 New pics of our T's + U's and 2 pics of Vivian & Veronique (V-Litter)
08.03.2011 ...they are just soooooo sweet :-))) A few more pics of our T's...
06.03.2011 Apart from the pics of our T- & U-Kittens we also uploaded current photos of Pepino, Prince, Nepomuk, Napoleon, Rod Stewart, Quina, Shirley and Lili on the corresponding pages (I hope I didn't forget to mention anone...)
26.02.2011 Current photos of our T2 and U2 kittens
20.02.2011 First "group pics" of Lili's kittens as well as new photos of Sunny (S-Litter)Ponti (P-Litter) and Trinity (Neuters) :-)) THANKS!!
18.02.2011 Lili gave birth to her first kittens today!!! Further info soon...
13.02.2011 Our T-Girls have already turned 2 weeks
06.02.2011 First single pics of our 4 little pretty T-girlies ;-))
30.01.2011 Rio's first kittens (with Lykke) are born today!!! :-)))
16.01.2011 Shirley has her own page now :-)))
01.01.2011 Current photos of our Tammy :-)) THANKS to Heike!!


27.12.2010 New pics of Pooky & Pukje (P-Litter) - Odin & Ornella (O-Litter) and THANKS to the fotografers!
12.12.2010 Current pics of Lili & Rio on their pages
04.12.2010 Rod Stewart finally moved out today and of course we wish him a happy future "up north"!! Since 2010 is slowly coming to an end we also posted our plans for 2011 :-))
28.11.2010 Due to some computer problems a belated update today... New pics of Quina, Rio, Rod Stewart & Sunny (Frontpage), as well as Ping-Ping & Trini ...and by the way: Lykke & Rio obviously had some secret plans... ;-)))
06.11.2010 New pics of Rod Stewart (moving out soon!), Sunny & Shirley, Natascha & Nepomuk (N-Litter)
01.11.2010 New pics of Rod Stewart (still available!), Sunny (still available!) & Shirley, Chrissy (C-Litter) & Ginny (Hostlitter), Scottie, Prince & friends - THANKS to ALL of you!!
21.10.2010 Current pics of Jamie (Henry James - H-Litter)
10.10.2010 Some new photos of Utah (in his summercoat) ;-))
03.10.2010 Current pics of our S-Kittens as well as Karlsson, Elyon, Lykke & Rio
26.09.2010 New kitten pics, photos of Lili & Rio as well as Faye (F-Litter) & Geronimo (from our Hostlitter)
19.09.2010 Kitten pics and Ruby & Rhianna in their new home (THANK YOU!)
12.09.2010 New kitten pics (some of which with Rio), new pics of Rod Stewart and current pics of Quinn and Finn (THANK YOU!)
04.09.2010 Photo update S-Litter and new pics of Amy (A-Litter) THANKS to Sven & Peti :-))
29.08.2010 Current pics of our S-Litter and news from Pepino
21.08.2010 Photo update S-Litter
15.08.2010 New (lovely!) pics of our S-Litter and Quina as well as first pics of Ponti in his new home
01.08.2010 Photo update on R- & S-Litter! Additionally new pics of Ping-Ping & Trinity, Oshi & Opal, Napoleon and Pepino in their new homes.
18.07.2010 Single pics of our S-Litter and current pics of our R-Litter
10.07.2010 Tiffy gave birth the our very last Karlsson kittens :-)) Ponti, Prince & Rod Stewart are still looking for a new home!!! ...and Bobby is enjoying the "pool"
04.07.2010 Kitten- and Karlsson update and some pics of Pukje in her new home
27.06.2010 Another week has passed... Kitten & Rio update! :-)
20.06.2010 Foto update (Elyon, Lykke, Lili, Rio & Kitten)
19.06.2010 We are very happy to have Bobby now!!! :-))
13.06.2010 Update of the kittens which are still available!! ...and 2 lovely photos of Karlsson as a stud... tomorrow he is having an "appointment"... ;-)
06.06.2010 Current images of our kittens which are still available, new pics of Murphy, Darcy & Django, Opal & Oshi, one of Rio and THANKS to all the eager photographers!!! :-))
30.05.2010 Kitten update!!
24.05.2010 New images of Rio, the P- & Q-kittens and also a new photo of Finn - THANKS to Bärbel!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our J-Litter's 2nd birthday!!! :-)))

Update on our R-Litter today, P- and Q-Litter to follow tomorrow!

16.05.2010 As promised new pics of our P's & Q's as well as of Rio! Also a new photo each of Lili & Lykke on their pages
15.05.2010 Update on R-Litter page (missed last week!) today / P- and Q-Litter update to follow tomorrow :-)
09.05.2010 Update on P- and Q-Litter page
01.05.2010 New pics of all kittens and Rio :-)
25.04.2010 We happily welcome our new boy Rio!!!
23.04.2010 Our second R-Litter was born today! :-)
21.04.2010 Same as below... ;-)) And a photo of Florian on "About us" ;-))
15.04.2010 Kitten update!!!
11.04.2010 Congratulations to our first C-Litter's 13th birthday! First of all to Chester who is happily living with our son, but also to Charly who is still doing fine! ...and we would certainly appreciate a life-sign from Calimero!!!
04.04.2010 New Kitten pics and the first images of Baby-Lina & Trinity in their new home :-)) THANKS to their new can openers!!!
28.03.2010 New Kitten pics, images of our cat-run, new pics of Holy Angel & Marylou and Easter Bunny Candy ;-)
20.03.2010 Two very impressive images of Jamie (Henry James) - THANKS to Ulli!! Additionally there are some new images of our 2 litters (P&Q)
14.03.2010 Huge update of many page, change of page "Family" into "Gallery" and kitten update of course!
07.03.2010 Photo update of both litters!
24.+25.02.2010 Elyon & Lykke are having kittens!!! :-)))
21.02.2010 Photos of Bonny & Lykke (in loving memory of Bonny) and of Elyon, Lili, Tiffy & Karlsson
17.02.2010 A new photo of Karlsson on his page ;-))
14.02.2010 On February 7 we had to let our white shepherd Bonny go... We are extremely unhappy...
31.10.2010 New images of Debbie & Dee-J on D-Litter No.2 - THANKS to the fotografers! current pics of Jamie - THANKS to Ulli!
17.01.2010 Elyon & Karlsson are looking forward to their first kittens!!! Further info around Feb. 18... :-))
10.01.2010 Snow pics of Elyon, Lili, Lykke & Trinity on their pages. Also new pics of Bruno & Balou as well as Oshi & Opal (Emmie) on the corresponding Litter pages. THANKS to all of you! :-)
06.01.2010 Current pics of Murphy (M-Litter) who developped into a lovely big bear :-) THANKS  for the photos to Sarah & Christian!
03.01.2010 New pics of Elyon, Fanny & Trinity on their pages and one on the front page too :-))


31.12.2009 Current pics of Oshi, Opal and Nobody (Litter pages)
27.12.2009 News on our plans page :-) ...and first pics of Odin & Ornella in their new home! ...and some new pics of Trinity (T-Litter) taken in August... SORRY
24.12.2009 CONGRATULATIONS to our C-Litter No.2 celebrating their 3rd birthday!!!
20.12.2009 Jamie (Henry James - H-Litter) in the snow and a current pic of our Lili - and NEWS on our Plans page!!! :-)))
13.12.2009 Photos of Kyra & Ashley, Mr. Bombastic, Charly and Oshi (with pal) on the corresponding Litter pages (THANKS to the photografers!)
05.12.2009 A new "episode" with Lykke on "Fun Pics" :-)
29.11.2009 Current photos of Nepomuk & friend :-) THANK YOU!! Also photos of Vivian, Urmel & Indi on the corresponding litter pages. THANK YOU :-)
27.11.2009 Opal will move in with her brother Oshi shortly!!! This means that all our kittens have found a new home now and we will be looking forward to lovely new babies next year :-))
26.11.2009 New pics of Lykke on "Fun Pics" :-))
22.11.2009 Current photos of Opal (still looking for a new home!), Lykke & Trinity
15.11.2009 New photos of Opal (still available!) and Fanny, Lili & Tiffy who are obviously enjoying our 2 new cat trees :-)) First pics of Oshi in his new home are online too!
08.11.2009 The pedigree of our J-Litter 2008 will be blocked shortly! - First photos of Napoleon in his new home (THANKS to his can openers!)
01.11.2009 New pics of our O-Kittens and of Murphy (THANKS to Sarah!) ...and of Mephisto (THANKS to Jenny!)
25.10.2009 Teddybear photos of Jamie (Henry James) on H-Litter page :-)) THANKS to Ulli!
18.10.2009 New pics of Nobody (still available!) and the O-Kittens
12.10.2009 Current photos of our O-Kittens, Nobody & Lili
04.10.2009 New kitten pics and some of Lili
29.09.2009 Current pics...
20.09.2009 Current photos of Mary-Lou, Nobody & Napoleon, Nepomuk in his new home, Indira & little human pal, and of course our O-Kittens
13.09.2009 New pics of Marylou (still available!), some N-Kittens which are still available(!) and our lovely O-Litter. Also a new photo of Lili Marleen :-)
10.09.2009 New photos of our O-Kittens
29.08.2009 Some current pics of our M's, N's & O's... (and Lili!)
23.08.2009 New pictures of Marylou, Napoleon & Nobody and the O-Kittens
17.08.2009 New photos of the little ones...
09.08.2009 New pics of all our kittens
02.08.2009 First single pics of our O-Litter and new photos of our N-Kittens
29.07.2009 Fanny gave birth to our O-Litter today! :-)  Some new pics of Lili are available too...
26.07.2009 New kitten pics
19.07.2009 Current pics of our M's & N's
07.07.2009 same as below...;-))
28.06.2009 Update of Lili Marleen & our M- & N-bandits... ;-)
21.06.2009 Photo updates of our M- & N-Kittens, as well as Lili Marleen, Hopkins, Kyra & Caruso (Ashley) on the corresponding Litter-Pages
12.06.2009 New pics of the N's
10.06.2009 It's our S-Litter's 6th birthday today. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
07.+08.06.09 Current photos of our M's and Lili-Mousy ;-)
06.06.2009 CONGRATULATIONS to our T-Litter's 5th birthday and many happy returns of the day!!!
01.06.2009 New pics of our N-kittens
27.05.2009 New pics of our current M- & L-kittens
24.05.2009 New photos of all 3 litters and some current pics of Indiana Jones & Inferno as well as Bruno & Balou (THANKS to the photografers!)
23.05.2009 Our J-Litter kittens are celebrating their 1st birthday today :-)) CONGRATULATIONS and many happy returns of the day!!!
21.05.2009 Trinity gave birth to her kittens today!!!
18.05.2009 Today our Y-Litter "kittens" are celebrating their 4th birthday... CONGRATULATIONS!!!
17.05.2009 Our kittens are 4 weeks old now and found out all about catfood... ;-))
16.05.2009 CONGRATULATIONS to our B-Litter's 3rd birthday and many happy returns of the day!!!
09.05.2009 New kitten pics, new photos of Wendy and some of Finn again
03.05.2009 Kitten update!
26.04.2009 Current photos of Junkie :-)) and a BIG Thanks to Claudia!!! Also some more kitten pics...
23.04.2009 Litter-photos of our M-Kittens including Lili Marleen of Lykke...
18.04.2009 ...and today Tiffy gave birth to a pretty bunch of 4 kittens :-)
17.04.2009 Big surprise!!! Lykke is having a baby-daughter...
14.04.2009 New photos of Karlsson (in the garden)
11.04.2009 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our I-Litter and lots of fun (and always good health) for your future!!! ...and there's a new pic of Henry James (Jamie) :-)
07.04.2009 Congratulations to the first birthday of our H-Litter, wishing them many further years with lots of fun with their four- and two-legged friends!!!
04.+07.04.2009 Current photos of our Ladies
21.03.2009 New pics of Tiffy, Elyon & Amy (A-Litter)
15.03.2009 New photos of Candy (C-Litter) and THANKS to the photografers :-)
08.03.2009 Welcome to our new family member Elyon!!! :-)) ...and some new pics of Finn on F-Litter page
21.02.2009 New pictures of Karlsson & Lykke
11.02.2009 Tiffy & Karlsson are very much in love... :-))
18.01.2009 Many new pics of Fanny, Karlsson, Lykke, Kyra, Indiana Jones & Inferno (I-Litter), Darcy & Django (D-Litter), Ashley (A-Litter) Hardy & Henry James (H-Litter), Cindy (C-Litter), and Charly in Hagen...
08.01.2009 New photos of Fanny & Kyra on their pages
04.01.2009 Candy av Lahrdal enjoying the snow... (THANKS for the lovely pics!)
03.01.2009 New pics of Lykke


13./14.12.2008 Karlsson was on holidays in Hamburg... :-)) More about this on his page! Thanks for the lovely photo, Paulina & Daniel!!! Also new pics of Utah, Fanny, Kyra & Lykke
30.11.2008 Current pics of Kyra, Lykke, Fanny, Trinity & Utah
16.11.2008 New pics of Kyra
09.11.2008 Lykke moved in with us yesterday!!! :-))
02.11.2008 New photos of Ileen & Joryn - THANKS to Dorothea!! Also news from Candy ...and finally new pics of little darling Kyra :-)
01.11.2008 Current photos of Jamie (Henry James) - THANKS, Ulli!!
22.10.2008 New pics of Kyra & Karlsson
18.10.2008 New pictures of Bruno & Balou
12.10.2008 First pics of single kitten Kyra!
06.10.2008 Unfortunately Fanny had only one kitten today... Details to follow soon!     Summer photos of Ileen & Joren (Jessie) - THANKS to Dorothea!!!
30.09.2008 First pics of Indi in his new home & funny pics of Hardy on "Fun Pics"- THANK YOU to the photografers!!! ;-))
28.09.2008 Current photos of Junkie (still available!) and Karlsson
27.09.2008 New pics of Inferno & Indiana Jones (THANKS to the photografer! ;-)
02.09.2008 Current pics of Molly (Chrissy), Ginny, Junkie & Jackie, Indira, Dee-J & Debbie and one of  Karlsson (THANKS to everybody!)
23.08.2008 New pics of Fanny, Utah, J-Litter and Jamie (Henry James)
17.08.2008 CONGRATULATIONS to our E-Litter's (No.2) 2nd birthday today!!!
12.08.2008 New pics of Ileen again and THANKS to her can openers :-))
01.08.2008 New pics of Jamie (Henry James) on H-Litter page & current pics of the J's
27.07.2008 First photos of Ileen, Inferno, Indiana Jones & Holy Angel in their new homes (THANKS to their humble servants!) :-)) Also J-Litter is updated & some new pics on Karlsson's page... ;-)) Before I forget: New pics of Zorro and Zalina are also available! What a day... ;-)
25.07.2008 New photos of Geronimo (Hostlitter), his pal Gipsy & Faye from our F-Litter No.2...
13.07.2008 Most of our kittens have already moved out during the last few days... First pics of Jamie (Henry James) in his new home! Good luck to all!!!
29.06.2008 Current pics of our 3 litters
21.06.2008 New photos of our current 3 litters and new pics of Candy
15.06.2008 New pics of Finn - THANKS to Frank & Co. ;-))
07.06.2008 Current pics of all three litters!
02.06.2008 New pics of the H- and I-Litter
23.05.2008 Our unplanned "despite-the-pill" litter (Trinity & Utah) is born! Details tomorrow...
22.05.2008 New pics of our H- and I-Litter and new pics of Finn
11.05.2008 New kitten pics...
03.05.2008 New kitten pics, new pics of Karlsson & Fanny and new pics of Darcy & Django (THANK-YOU!!!)
20.04.2008 A few new pics of our current litter...
12.04.2008 First pics of our H- and I-Litter
07.04.2008 Wendy gave birth to our H-Litter No. 2 today!!!
31.03.2008 New photos of Utah and Charly (almost 11 years of age!)
16.03.2008 Happy Birthday to our A-Litter No.2 and many happy returns of the day!!!
01.03.2008 News from Bruno & Balou
23.02.2008 Current photos of our "Oldies" Geronimo & Alina on "Neuters"
16.02.2008 Our "Cat-Wash"... for details see Fun pics :-))
10.02.2008 Candy av Lahrdal is yawning on "Funny Pictures"... good luck finding her! Also there are some new pics of Fanny!
03.02.2008 Our plans are beginning to come true... ;-))
13.01.2008 New photos of Utah, Tiffy & Fanny
09.01.2008 New pics of Ginny, Chrissy (Molly) and Finn - THANKS to all of you!!!
06.01.2008 New pics of Timmy - A big THANK-YOU to Thomas & Susanne!!! ...and some new pics of Emmy-Lou - THANKS to Paulina & Daniel too! :-))


31.12.2007 Apart from good wishes for 2008 of course we also have plans!
29.12.2007 New pics of Finn, Eddy, Elvis & Bambi on the corresponding litter pages.  A big THANK-YOU to their new owners!
22.12.2007 Faye & Finn have move out and Fanny has her own page now
15.12.2007 Kimba went across the Rainbowbridge forever...
01.12.2007 Ulrike dropped by today... :-)) ...and couldn't resist to take some pics of the F-Kittens, Trinity, Utah & Karlsson
24.11.2007 New pics of the F-Kittens and of Karlsson
13.11.2007 New photos of our E- and F-Litter :-))
04.11.2007 New photos of our E- and F-Litter
27.10.2007 New pics of Amy!!! (THANKS to Sven & Peti)
25.10.2007 New pics of our E-Litter
14.10.2007 Current pics of our F-Kittens
07.10.2007 New pics of our current litters and a new guestbook because the old one has been closed down... :-( But you can still read it right under the new one!
03.10.2007 New pics of our current litters
30.09.2007 New pics of the F's again
23.09.2007 New pics of our F-Kittens!
18.09.2007 We proudly present Trinity's first litter!!!
16.09.2007 New pics of Utah, Tiffany, Trinity & and last but not least our E-Kittens!
15.09.2007 News from Baileys & Baccardi (B-Litter)
09.09.2007 It's Sunday again and therefore E-Litter-Photos-Day... :-))
02.09.2007 Another week has passed by and of course there are current pics of our E-Kittens :-)
26.08.2007 New pics of the E-Kittens, of Karlsson, of Shaggy, Smokey, Speedy & Yakira (S-Males and Yakira on their corresponding Litter pages)
20.08.2007 First photos of the little sweeties!!!
17.08.2007 Nikita's (and Utah's) kittens were born today :-)))
16.08.2007 Big pregnant Nikita on Frontpage and some new pics of Karlsson again
12.08.2007 New pics of Bambi (B-Litter 2) and Babylina (Neuters)
06.08.2007 Current photos of Karlsson (first time in the garden!)
28.07.2007 New pics of Cindy
12.07.2007 Nikita is expecting kittens!!! :-)))
14.06.2007 New photos of Ginny (Hostlitter) and Molly (Chrissy from our C-Litter)
03.06.2007 News from Candy :-) (Once again many THANKS for the lovely pictures!!!)
29.05.2007 News from Cindy :-) (Many THANKS for the lovely pictures!!!)
17.05.2007 New photos of the D's and news from Bruno & Balou
09.05.2007 New kitten pics plus a new photo of Trinity & Bonny on Trinity's page :-)
01.05.2007 New kitten pics and news from Püppy & Priscilla
22.04.2007 News about our D-Litter!!!
21.04.2007 Current photos of Baileys & Bacardi (now called Bruce)
18.04.2007 We are having new plans!
13.04.2007 below... :-)
07.04.2007 below... :-)
03.04.2007 New photos of our D-kittens again!
01.04.2007 News about Chrissy (now Molly) and her new friend Ginny (C-Litter page)
25.03.2007 New pics of the C- and D-kittens
18.03.2007 Our D-kittens are 2 weeks old already!  New pics...
15.03.2007 New pics of the C- and D-kittens
05.03.2007 Tiffy's kittens are born!!!
03.03.2007 New pics of the C's
19.02.2007 News from Bambi av Lahrdal (B-Litter)
18.02.2007 New kitten photos!
08.02.2007 A very nice new photo of Püppy & Priscilla (THANKS to Ina!!!)
04.02.2007 Lovely new pics of the C-Kittens, as well as new photos of Utah, Karlsson, Tiffany & Trinity (THANKS to Anja for this excellent photo-shooting!!!)
27.01.2007 New pics of our C-Litter
16.01.2007 New Kitten photos!!!
12.01.2007 A new photo on the start page :-)))
07.01.2007 New Baby-Photos!  (and another new photo of Utah on his page)
05.01.2007 Finally some new pics of Amy av Lahrdal!!! THANKS to Sven & Petra :-)
02.01.2007 New pics of our C-Girls (and of Utah, Karlsson, Tiffany & Trinity on their own pages)
29.12.2006 News on our plans page! :-)
27.12.2006 First photos of the kittens!  ... and new pics of Karlsson, Trinity, Zorro & Bambi (B-Litter)
24.12.2006 Our X-max angels are born!!!
18.12.2006 New pics of Zlatko, Yves, Yakira, Speedy & Bambi on Litter pages.  THANKS to their new owners!
08.12.2006 Trinity is with us now!!!!! :-)))
21.11.2006 News from Karlsson on "Fun-Pics" and new photos of Alfi & Armani
27.10.2006 News about the "children of sin" :-))
18.10.2006 Photos of Bruno & Balou, THANKS to family Linde-Bartsch !!!
14.10.2006 A new photo of Vicky on V-Litter page and a series of Karlsson/Bonny pics on "Fun" page :-))
27.09.2006 Big surprise on our litter page ... :-)
08.08.2006 All B-Kittens are sold and will be moving to their new homes soon; and of course we are having new plans ... :-)
07.08.2006 New photos of Bruno, Baileys and Balou
05.08.2006 Current photos of Destiny and Harlekin av Lahrdal !!!
21.07.2006 New pics of the B-Kittens, new pics of Alfi & Armani and Püppy & Priscilla in their new homes !

Pussy had to cross the Rainbowbridge today .....

We are missing him very much !!!

02.07.2006 New photos of the B's
23.06.2006 New pics of B-Kittens
18.06.2006 Our A-Litter has moved out (travelling photos of Amy on Litter Page) and we finally "freshed up" our banner.
06.06.2006 New pictures of Zafira (Z-Litter) !!!
31.05.2006 Our B-Kittens have names now !!!
26.05.2006 New photos of the A-Kittens, Karlsson, Utah + Nikita
17.05.2006 First "group-pics" of B-Litter No. 2
16.05.2006 Our second B-Litter was born today !!!!! Pics will follow soon.
15.05.2006 New photos of the A-Kittens !
08.05.2006 Amy is still available (Front-Page) ! We apologize for slow updating, but we were having severe PC-problems ... :-(
16.04.2006 new photos of our A-Kittens and a photo of Zlatko (Z-Litter)
02.04.2006 new kitten pics again ! ... and they are having names now ... :-)
31.03.2006 A new photo of the A-Kittens, new texts on Neuters Page and new pics of Karlsson
26.03.2006 Our A-Kittens are 10 days old already !
20.03.2006 Current pics of Virginia and Zalina on Litter-Page 
16.03.2006 Our second A-Litter has been born today !!! :-)))))
14.03.2006 ... and we are expecting Kittens from Wendy & Karlsson in May !!!
06.03.2006 All kittens have moved to their new homes and we are expecting new ones, this time from Tiffany & Karlsson !!!
24.01.2006 New pics of Zalina, Zorro, Karlsson, Wendy, Tiffany & Unique !
20.01.2006 New photos of the "leftover" babies and one of Karlsson !!!
08.01.2006 New pics of the Z-Kittens !
23.12.2005 New photos of our Z-Litter and one each of Tiffy & Karlsson
11.12.2005 New pics of the Z's again ...
27.11.2005 New pics of the Z-Kittens
13.11.2005 New photos on "Funny Pics" :-))
07.11.2005 New plans !
02.11.2005 Z-Kittens are 14 days old !
30.10.2005 We finally added Karlsson's pedigree to his page !
23.10.2005 We are having newborn kittens, more on kittens-page !!! Also there is a number of new pictures of our little sweetheart Karlsson ...
25.09.2005 Karlsson moved in with us today !!!!! :-)))
13.09.2005 We hate to do this, but we just have to find new homes for Bambi, Püppy and Priscilla ..... more on kittens-page
03.09.2005 Felix, our "emergency-cat", has found a new home and we are VERY HAPPY for him !!!!!
28.08.2005 Wendy is back home again and will stay with us !!!!! :-))))) Of course there also are some actual photos of Karlsson ;-)
18.08.2005 ... new pics of Karlsson again ... :-)
15.08.2005 News on "Males" ..... :-)))))
13.08.2005 New pics of Wendy, Yogi & Yeti on Litter pages !
07.08.2005 Emergency-Cat Felix on front page and our Y-Litter has moved to our Litter-pages
31.07.2005 New pics of kittens and Ronny & Simba (Litter page)
26.07.2005 New kitten pics !!!
19.07.2005 More lovely Utah-kittens are available ! Info on Front-page.
10.07.2005 New photos of the kittens and also one of Utah
06.07.2005 Ivette, our sweet little silver mouse, has changed her name back into Yakira and is available again !!!
01.07.2005 New pics of the Y-Kittens
13.06.2005 New photos of the Y's on front page & kittens page
05.06.2005 New pics of the Y-kittens and of Shaggy & Smokey (S-Litter)

New pictures of the Y-kittens


New banner 


Our Y-kittens finally have names too ... :-)


Nikitas kittens arrived today !!!


New pictures of Wendy !


Nikita is expecting kittens around May 19 !!! :-))


... new pics of Wendy (and "family") again :-)


New pictures of Wendy


Sad news on kittens page .....


New pics of Tiffy and some of the V's


First pictures of the new kittens and the pages "Females" and "Neuters" are updated now


Bambis kittens are born !!!


New pictures of Valentina (now Belinha) at page V-Litter


We are expecting kittens of Bambi & Utah and perhaps .......


New pictures of Urmel on Litter page


The V-kittens finally moved on the litter page. We sure hope we will be able to welcome the W-Kittens soon ..... :-))


Utah feels it's time for new kittens ... just wait and see ... :-)))


New pics of the V-girls (all sold!) and finally new plans


Happy New Year !!!


New pics of the kittens


They are all girls !!! :-)  New pics on kittens page


New pics of our V-Litter


New photo of our V-Litter, now 5 weeks old


New pics of V-Litter


New pictures of our V-litter, but still no names yet .....


First pictures of the little ones !!!


Priscilla's new kittens are born !!!!!


Bambi is pregnant !!!


New pics of the U's and of Bonny & Nicky


New pictures of Unique and Urmel


New pics of Trinity, Tiffany and our U-Kittens !!!


More pics of our ladies ...


Our females finally have their own pages 


Ulrike fell in love with Tammy ..... :-)))))


New pics of both litters and a new one of Baby-Lina (Neuters)


New pictures of our U-Litter


Update of kittens-page and new pics of Utah


Our U-kittens are born !!!


New pictures of the kittens, of Utah and on "Fun-Pics"


More new conclusions: almost all kittens seem to be silver...


New conclusions:  Utah seems to be black-silver-tabby !!!


New pictures of our T-Litter, now 3 weeks old !


New picture of Bonny (furry family) and Bambi (fun pics)


Babies 1 week old and No.5 finally got a name too ... :-))


Pictures of our new kittens / Nikita is back / New plans / Pictures of Snoopy on litter-page and FINALLY an e-mail address !!!


Our first Utah-kittens are born !!!


We are expecting kittens from Utah & Priscilla !!!!!


New pictures of Utah !!!


"refreshed" background again


New background ! (head of Geronimo)


... correction of a few mistakes ...:-)


Complete update with new script


Further plans for 2004


... no news today, but hopefully soon !!! :-)


... having a new banner !


... X-mas is coming ...


New pictures of Utah (Male)


Small changes .....


Another new picture of Utah on "Fun Pics"


New pictures of Utah (Male)


New kitten pictures and finally:  Our Plans !!!


Utah's childhood (Male)


"Plans" added ...


New Front Picture !!! ... and the first photos in "Fun Pics"


English translation completed !


Translation of Neuters & Memories


Translation of Male, Kitten & Links 


... and now it works without any errors !!!


Website av Lahrdal is online  !!!!!