This page is dedicated to our beloved cats & dogs, which have already crossed the rainbowbridge, but will stay in our hearts forever !!!




January 30, 2001 - February 7, 2010

Very quiet and without a word
you left your beloved ones...
You had a huge big friendly heart.
It's resting now, forever unforgotten


On Sunday evening, 7th Feb 2010, we had to let our beloved Bonny go... She left far too early... Her buddy and best friend Nicky and ourselves still cannot understand it. We will never forget her! Just like our first dog Kessy Bonny loved our cats very much. No kitten ever stayed dry, just like our grown cats. Bonny was our very careful and tender "Cat-Wash".

Bonny, you already loved Florian (our grandchild) very much by now and put him through the same procedure as the cats whenever he was at our place. Also you enjoyed very much watching him crawl around in the house...

Bonny, you will forever stay in ours and Nicky´s heart, we are missing you tremendously!!!


Further photos of Bonny at "better" times:




Annabell av Tyksland

April 1996 - October 2001


"Belly" shared 5 wonderful litters with us in her much too short life, before she became very ill in October 2001 and had to be put to sleep.

She was an extremely kind and affectionate cat and very good friends with all other 2- and 4-legged family members. No other female will ever be able to replace her !!!




Pussy went over the Rainbowbridge on July 08, 2006 .....

We will never forget you !!! Your white doggy-pal Bonny and your best friend Kimba are just as unhappy as we are. For 16 years you have shared our lifes and you have been an especially friendly cat who also liked the kittens and played with them, despite of your growing age.  But in the end all of your strength was gone and you were really suffering, so we had to let you go. Needless to say how horrible it was to finally make this decision, but for your sake it was inevitable.

All of us will remember you forever, good-bye "Pussykater"...



Felici's Bambi

30.03.1999 - 12.08.2006



Our "Silvermouse" Bambi (Bam Bam) had to cross the Rainbowbridge on August 2006 after short severe illness. We were totally shocked and have to thank Ina who gave all her love and care to Bambi during her last hour.  We would really have loved to see that Ina would yet have enjoyed some wonderful years with our cats, but for Bambi it turned out to be only 8 months .....

Bambi we miss you , because we loved you with all of our hearts!  Your friends Püppy and Priscilla also don't understand why you had to go ..... THANK YOU Silvermouse for sharing some wonderful years with us!!!





On December 13, 2007 we had to say "good-bye" to Kimba... On Monday Dec. 11 we took him to the vet once again because I was suspecting Diabetes. Kimba had lost a lot of weight and was drinking plenty of water. But in the end his kidneys failed and his heart was very weak. Wednesday he finally rejected water as well as food so we decided to have him put to sleep... We just couldn't bear to let him suffer any longer and now he is with his beloved pal Pussy, who left us already last year. Kimba has always been missing him very much but now the two of them are together again.

Kimba, we will never forget you and Pussy, because we have loved both of you very much!!!



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