Our Cat-Club:



The Cattery of Utah, our male no. 1


The Cattery of Rio, our male no. 2:


Best friend & webmaster:


...and you can visit Amy's new home right here:



Henry James av Lahrdal (Jamie) is living way up north with Ulli now:


Ileen found a nice new home with Dorothea & family:

(2010 - not breeding anymore)


Our little sweetie Sommer Lykke (Summer luck) was born in the Cattery of Hennie & Daniel:


...and in this Cattery our beautiful Elyon was born:


Angela also has NFOs and LOVES them!!!


Pepino is (successfully!) trying to keep Siggi & Co. entertained... :-))


...and in the Cattery below Pukje will have sweet little kittens sooner or later... :-)


Our neuter Karlsson was born in this Cattery:



Norwegians in trouble!!!

A very helpful institution !



Looking for a kitten ??? Perhaps you will find it below:



  Katzen Suchmaschine



...and last but not least our new guestbook we found here:



Should you be interested in very special jewellery please don't hesitate to look here:




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