When I started breeding 15 years ago it never entered my mind that we should not be able to keep our breeding cats and neuters forever. I was not at all aware by then that situations could become quite straining for the cat group and us can openers as well. How should I have known? Until then my only experience was based on two neutered house cats who had always been friends.

It all started with Geronimo & Alina that I had to make decisions for the welfare and happiness of my cats although it's just breaking my heart because I love my neuters just as much as my breeding cats. I took a very long time, perhaps too long in some cases, to finally make the right decision... No, I would not have fights and pressure all the time! My cats deserved a better life than this, no matter if neutered or not.

Bambi, Püppy & Priscilla were rehomed alltogether because the 3 of them just loved each other very much and Bambi - after her last litter - would not agree to any males in reach anymore...

Today, February 27, 2010, Ping-Ping & Trinity moved out together because they were badly threatened by Karlsson whenever he was outside too and he just scared the shit out of them whenever he chased them.  It was really difficult for me to make this move but for the two of them it just seemed to be the best solution. You can of course separate cats who disagree with each other for a while but it should never be the final solution.

Some pet lovers may think that breeders only rehome their neuters to save money on catfood... Yes, there are breeders like this too... But to me the welfare of my cats is most important and I would rather eat less myself than reduce costs of catfood! I have been feeding 3 wild housecats every morning at work for years meanwhile which I certainly wouldn't do if I would want to save money.

In the past 15 years I had to rehome 8 cats but certainly not to clear space for new ones - like in some other catteries - but simply because they just didn't agree with each other anymore.

Once again a big THANK YOU to all current can openers of my cats who gave them a loving and caring new home! Of course I'm always happy to receive photos now and then and apart from this I will certainly always be available if you should have questions and/or problems.

Below you can still have a look at the photos of our "old boys & girls" which we are still very proud of and who will always stay in our hearts:



Geronimo "av plysj"


Alina vom Münzenfund


Püppy & Priscilla av Lahrdal


Nikita av Lahrdal


Baby-Lina av Lahrdal 


Dralion's Trinity


Fanny av Lahrdal


Tiffany av Lahrdal



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