Lykke's kittens were born in the early morning hours of January 9, 2012

Further information next week-end at the latest...



Following is an important information for visitors who should be interested in one of our kittens:  We would in any case like to meet you personally!!!

Please kindly understand and accept that we will not sell any of our kittens only by phone or e-mail contact. Therefore you should definitely be prepared to meet us and the kitten of your choice previously. 

In 2008 we sold a kitten without having met the new owner previously which we deeply regret now! More about this as soon as the "case" is closed. Subsequently we will name this person in order to protect other breeders.

Due to this unpleasant experience a very friendly lady of the responsible Veterinary Office is now visiting us frequently... Each time she's utterly pleased with the impeccable condition and spacious accommodation of our pets.




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